Learn How to Write a New Song

Are you waiting for a song for a church wedding, or just need to find a great new song for a special occasion? New Song University, a Christian high school, located right in the middle of the Bible belt of Ohio, has more than 150 enrolled students and their parents. What can you expect at New Song University? What kind of classes will you have? And how do you get there?

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The instructors at this all-girls school are all professionals who have experience with songwriters. Their music backgrounds range from being instructors at a junior and senior high school to having music careers in recording, production, and audio engineering. They have hired some of today’s top songwriters such as Christina Aguilera, Ashanti, Brandy Lee, Avril Lavigne, and many others. You too could become a songwriter here if you wanted.

Once you have decided that you want to pursue a degree through New Song University, you will need to decide what type of courses you wish to take. Some individuals are interested in becoming teachers, while others would rather be involved in the entertainment industry. Each of these paths has its own particular learning goals and requirements. Determine which path is right for you and then enroll in your chosen class.

When you first enroll in a new song class, you will learn techniques such as vocal technique, songwriting exercises, and song arrangement. Throughout your coursework, you will also learn about song structure. These concepts are essential for writing lyrics and creating the overall song structure. Once you learn how to create a basic song structure, you will move on to learning how to write a good melody. These concepts will go a long way towards helping you write new songs and write songs well.

Throughout your coursework, you will be given a variety of assignments. Some of these are harder than others, but all of them will help you learn more about songwriting. Some of these include working with a producer to develop the song, working with artists to see if a demo is marketable, and finally writing and performing in front of an audience. By the time you complete your coursework, you will be prepared to write your first new song.

If you don’t know where to start once you’ve completed a course like this, you may want to try out a local studio. Many studios will have a mentor program that allows you to work with a professional songwriter for a few minutes. This experience can help you write a new song or two. At the end of the session, you may be asked to show the potential songwriter samples of your work. At this point, he or she may decide that he or she wants to sign you to a contract.