Make a New Song in Your Piano

If you are a Christian and have not heard a song by the Black Eyed Peas, don’t worry. New Song! offer Christianity an alternative to a boring, traditional sermons preached every day.

new song

The lyrics of this song are very meaningful and they touch a chord inside each one of us. Honestly, most Christians are not stuck on preaching the same stuff day after day. And are not stuck by religion, but are not stuck at faith. And value the journey just as much as the destination. In these modern times where ‘church’ is a dreaded word, as New Song Church adopts all the humanity of God’s children no matter of country or skin colour.

New Song! is not like a normal song we sing at church on Sundays. It challenges us to be better. It makes us take a risk, to question our assumptions, to consider different paths. It makes us want to learn and grow.

New Song! is a message of hope. Because it’s a message from someone who believes that though we are different, we have the same in common; we have a divine calling that must not be blocked or turned away by the harsh realities of life.

This is not a religious book; it is more of a motivational speech. It will encourage you to look at situations differently, to question your assumptions, and to look for God in everything. It is very relevant in today’s world. We live in a fast-paced society, where quick decisions are made and hard choices to make. It’s easy to look outside ourselves to find our solutions and it’s easy to turn to the government for our support. But what we need is more people focusing on looking inward, to find our solutions within ourselves.

So go ahead and enjoy the new song by The Black Eyed Peas. It’s a beautiful message of hope, spirituality, and inspiration. If nothing else, just remember that a new song can change your life one little bit. And it was written with YOU in mind.

And if you don’t like the new song, there’s no need to get upset. I mean, come on! There are thousands of great songs out there, and this one is catchy and positive. Don’t let anybody tell you that a new song is not ‘good’ or ‘great.’ If it is good or great it just might be your favorite one!

So go out and enjoy your favorite new song. It might just change the way you look at life. Or maybe you’ll find a whole bunch of new things that you didn’t know about. Just take a deep breath, relax, and let the song do the talking. It’s got a great melody and it’s meant to be inspiring.

It’s a simple message, but it has a profound meaning. Take some time, make a tape, play it on your stereo, put it on your mp3 player, and let it rock. You’ll be surprised at how good that new song will make you feel. It might just inspire you to write some more songs of your own. Then you won’t look at your next song as an obstacle anymore.