The Best Tracks From Bon Jovi’s Career

Bon Jovi is one of the greatest rock bands of all time and is one of the biggest selling acts throughout the world. Their music has been a huge hit for over 30 years, and it has helped the group grow to be an icon in their own right. The songs have been written and sung by some of the biggest names in rock, and their popularity has grown because they have real hits instead of just hits that sound good.

bon jovi

One of the best songs with a huge radio hit is “It’s What You Should be Doing”. This is actually the very first single off of their self titled debut album. If you don’t know what this song is called, it’s actually “Wanted Dead Or Alive”. The single came out at number twenty on the charts and was very successful. They went on to sell another five singles, “Who’s That Sleeping On Your Lap” being the most successful.

Another great track from this era is “The Real Man”. The words are very simple yet have a great flow to them. It contains many of the elements used in their later work such as big band guitar riffs and is a fantastic lead tune. Bon Jovi also had hits later in this era such as “Mystery Train” and “Wordless”. These two songs alone earn them nearly forty million dollars in revenue every year.

One song from this era that is often quoted is “Wake Me Up When You Sleep”. This is a wonderful slow ballad that really showcases Bon Jovi’s dreamy vocals. This is also the only song that has the title sung by the man himself. The lyrics are very soulful and reflect his personal experiences. As well, the beat is something that people still echo today.

One song from this era that doesn’t get much attention is “Hangin’ On The Music Man”. It’s just as slow and soulful as the aforementioned songs, but it doesn’t have the epicness that made Bon Jovi famous. Instead, it’s just one great slow ballad that he can shine in. Like any great rock star, he was able to blend contemporary pop music with some of his older material. It wasn’t a bad thing though because his music still has a lot of his signature sound.

Regardless of which album you choose to listen to, you’re sure to find something that will make you go “wow”. For me though, the greatest part about this music is how seamlessly everything fits together. He has created an empire out of music that is still relevant today, and with the help of his band, he will continue to entertain millions of people.