Vintage Bon Jovi Shirts Pay Tribute to the Rock Band

bon jovi shirts

A worldwide rock-and-roll icon, Bon Jovi forged their reputation in New Jersey’s hard-rock scene of the 1980s with songs like Bad Medicine, Slippery When Wet and Livin’ on a Prayer. The band continues to tour for adoring fans of all ages and remain the poster boys for hair-rock heartthrobs. The band’s hits are on every classic rock playlist and are staples of karaoke around the world. Get your own piece of rock n’ roll history with this awesome vintage graphic tee that pays tribute to the iconic band!

This black short sleeve t-shirt shows the cover art for Bon Jovi’s album New Jersey, featuring rusted Bon Jovi and New Jersey signs in between a dagger through a heart Bon Jovi logo. It is one of their most popular albums and spawned hits like You Give Love a Bad Name, I’ll Be There For You and Living In Sin.

Hulu’s four-episode documentary Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story takes on the difficult task of telling a complex pop-culture saga in just over an hour. Its premise, that Bon Jovi is the sort of rock group who don’t take themselves seriously enough, proves true in spades, as the documentary points out the tension in an ephemeral medium between performer and consumer.

While the series focuses on Jon Bon Jovi, it doesn’t neglect to interview the other members of the band. Keyboardist David Bryan, drummer Tico Torres and bassist Hugh McDonald are all interviewed extensively. Guitarist Richie Sambora’s departure in 2013 is also addressed.

But as much as the show tries to balance Bon Jovi’s broader cultural impact with its focus on the band itself, it tends to skew toward the former. The show spends considerable time on the torn t-shirts and leather jackets of the working-class New Jersey crowd that inspired Bruce Springsteen’s music, but only in the context of how that working-class community might react to a group whose music strayed from traditional metal into pop-rock.

Still, the fact that the show’s running time is well under an hour speaks to its ability to juggle multiple elements and create something entertaining for those in the audience who aren’t there solely to watch the band they adore. For that reason, this is a very worthwhile Bon Jovi movie that will leave its viewers feeling good, both musically and emotionally.