Thank You, Goodnight – The Bon Jovi Story

From Slippery When Wet to Have a Nice Day, this iconic band has rocked us for 3 decades. This cool graphic bon jovi shirt is a great way to pay homage to the New Jersey rockers. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking to make some friends, this is the tee for you!

The global icon who made a name for himself as the poster-boy for hair-rock heartthrobs, and the rock and roll band that presides over every classic rock playlist and karaoke bar in the world, Bon Jovi is a pop-music phenomenon. They’ve sold over 100 million albums worldwide and played more than 2,700 concerts in 50 countries, playing to a combined 34 million fans. But the band’s huge success comes with a price, and Hulu’s Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story is all about that.

Jon Bon Jovi, whose big rock barnet now falls somewhere in the twilight zone between “still got it” and “yer nan’s had her hair done”, is outwardly the smooth CEO of a massive enterprise. But the years of touring have taken their toll, and the vocal exercises, vitamins and humidifiers no longer seem to be doing much good. The once-mighty powerhouse is fading, and he knows it.

The four episodes that comprise this documentary are each well over an hour long, which isn’t a problem for bon jovi fans who already know the story (and have the T-shirts to prove it). However, much of that running time is spent placing Bon Jovi in a cultural context that is almost entirely drawn from the band’s own mythology, and far less about the working-class New Jersey scene that gave rise to them. It’s hard to imagine a director being so uninterested in making this subject matter compelling for those who aren’t already heavily invested. That is a shame. It could have been a fascinating, insightful and entertaining piece of work. Instead, it’s a glossy tribute that gives the impression of being made by someone who really does care about the subject. This is a slick, sanitized and respectful portrait of a pop icon.